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A common misconception is that Yoga requires you to squeeze your body into impressive shapes and if you’re not flexible you “can’t” do Yoga. The Begin Yoga Series is designed as a holistic introduction to the practice of Yoga and all that it entails.

  • The next Begin Yoga course starts on the 21st of January 2024

€195 per person
20% discount on your first unlimited passe-partout membership to start your group yoga classes

Day Date Time
Sunday 21 January 2024 09h30 – 11h30
Tuesday 23 January 2024 20h15 – 21h15
Tuesday 30 January 2024 20h15 – 21h15
Sunday 4 Febuary 2024 09h30 – 11h30
Tuesday 6 Febuary 2024 20h15 – 21h15
Begin Yoga with Janita Standing in salutation pose

Session 1

  • What is yoga
    In our first session, we discuss a little about the history of yoga and its context today. We also become familiar with some of the yoga “lingo” and a few Sanskrit words that are commonly used in a yoga class
  • The different styles of yoga
    Getting to know some of the most commonly taught styles of yoga, what they entail and the benefits of these practices
  • Safe practicing principles
    Yoga should be a balance between effort and ease, and we talk a little about how basic practicing principles facilitate a safe, meaningful experience
  • Standing poses
    We break down and explain the most common standing poses so that you become familiar with the feeling and the language cues most commonly used in a yoga class

Session 2

  • Breaking down the Sun Salutation
    The Surya Namaskar or Salute to the Sun is a widely practiced sequence of warming up movements that you will encounter in many different styles of yoga classes. We dissect the sequence and its variations and break it down pose by pose

  • Forward bending poses
    We look at a few standing and seated forward bending poses and how to modify these for ease of access into the pose

Session 3

  • Breathing techniques
    Perhaps you already know of the importance of linking breath and movement, but in this section we delve deeper into various breathing practices that you will most commonly encounter on your yoga journey

  • Seated poses
    Covering many common seated poses, we break down not only the pose, but how to use props and breath to access or deepen each pose

Session 4

  • Overcoming personal obstacles in your yoga practice
    A discussion to help you figure out where some of your resistance to yoga in general or poses in particular lie, or perhaps what resources you may need to develop a regular practice.

  • Twisting poses
    Twisting has many benefits on a physiological as well as an energetic level and we look at how to protect the spine and nervous system when practicing twists in a yoga class.

Session 5

  • Introduction to meditation
    Meditation doesn’t have to be a “chore”. Learning how to tune into the breath to find a quiet space in your practice is what we’ll explore in this discussion

  • Back bending / Inversion poses
    Bending backwards and going upside down are aspects of a yoga class that are energising and challenging, but we look at some of these poses and how to practice these aspects safely


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